Animated PowerPoint design

Animated PowerPoints you won’t believe aren’t videos


We push the boundaries of PowerPoint’s animation features to create presentations with dynamic movement, helping you to generate excitement and add another dimension to your messaging. Our technical expertise of Microsoft PowerPoint make the final deliverables look like seamless videos, by greatly enhancing presentations with music, fast paced transitions, entrance and exit animations and even intriguing 360-degree rotating 3D models.

Using animation to enhance your message

There’s no one-size-fits-all method we use for an animated presentation, as we want to create something uniquely tailored to your needs. However, we typically start off by exploring in detail how animating certain content could help the story of each slide flow better and what level of movement would be best suited. We can offer a range of high impact solutions – from animated illustrations that form fluid diagrams or energetic pieces with soundtracks and voiceovers exported to video format, to subtly animated decks using simple and elegant slide builds for heavier content.

Truly compelling content

With careful slide planning and considerable detail to every second of the timeline, we can creatively morph content from one slide to another or zoom into sections to explore in more detail, ensuring that no matter the content, it will always be compelling to your audience.

Unrivalled knowledge of PowerPoint

With our many years of experience in PowerPoint and animation, we know the software inside and out, and have fine-tuned the art of bringing slides to life in unexpected ways. With our own original methods of layering and merging various animations and transitions together, we can create a unique array of motion which makes your slides stand out from the norm. We can also work alongside our specialised animation team at Article Ten to create bespoke 3D models which work fluidly in your presentation and can be explored from every angle using rotating animation tools – so you can make a real splash with your next presentation.



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