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Perhaps you need your employees to brush up on their security best practice, want to roll out some induction eLearning, or need to create an entire infosec course that covers every detail. Whatever your specific information security or cyber security need, we can help. At Article Ten, we build bespoke and fully compliant eLearning experiences that are designed from the ground up with your audience in mind, ensuring that key messages land and employees are creatively engaged throughout.

A personalised process


Every eLearning experience is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all methodology that we follow. For example, we can build a course for your LMS using SCORM, xAPI standards, or we can deliver the course and host it for you. However, as general process stages, we typically begin by scoping out the requirements and determining the type of course that works best for your needs (e.g. mobile, gamified, bitesize etc.).

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drawing elearning drawing elearning
Content, design, delivery


Our highly specialised writers then write the content, weaving in your policies, guidance and key messages as appropriate. Once this stage is complete, we then design the course in-line with your brand, before then building and testing it until it’s ready for delivery.

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Genuinely bespoke eLearning

The traditional eLearning course more often than not elicits groans from employees who have seen it all before. But we believe that the eLearning experience can and should be as enjoyable as it is educational. That’s why all of our courses are bespoke, with no off-the-shelf inflexible content or presentations turned into eLearning courses. We build new courses that work with your environment and are always conscious of users, with any accessibility and language requirements taken care of from day one.


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