Getting to know Katie: our new presentation designer

Jack Greenwell
Jack Greenwell
27th September 2022

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Hi, I’m Katie, although most call me Kate or, Twedz. I’m a presentation designer at Article Ten — originally from a little seaside town in the Northeast of England called Saltburn, but have lived in London for eight years.


How did you get to the point you’re at today with Article Ten?

I didn’t study Graphic Design at college or university level and instead spent three years studying fine art and commercial photography at Bachelor’s level. It wasn’t until I moved to London, where I worked for an architecture studio, that I realised I needed a change. Then, I began a small design and illustration business and built my portfolio.


What would you say is a key attribute you bring to the team?

I am a team player and very enthusiastic about learning new skills. I’m dedicated to any task to hand, always up for overcoming challenges along the way, and not afraid of failure. I think it is an essential part of the experimental and learning process that makes you become an even better designer.


What do you like to do outside work, and does that influence your design?

Outside work, I usually work on freelance design projects — no rest for the wicked! I’m also an avid open water swimmer, so always looking out for new wild/open waters to swim in if I’m not at home by the sea. I exercise most mornings before work and frequently take myself to my favourite little spot in London to feast on an obscene number of oysters and listen to music. Self-care is crucial when letting go of background thoughts and changing your focus. Being able to relax my mind and gain clarity has always helped me as a designer.


How is Article Ten life treating you so far?

I love it here and have never felt so welcomed! This year was the first time I started a new job while working remotely, and I was initially very nervous at the thought! But I instantly felt like a core member of the Article Ten family, with everyone supporting me. It’s such a nice feeling surrounded by such friendly and caring people.


Finally, what advice would you give to people looking to move into a creative role like yours?

Deciding to take a completely different career path and move into the creative industry was somewhat overwhelming and nerve-wracking, to begin with, especially after not studying it at university. But theres nothing better than being passionate about your job and the work you are producing, and I’m so happy I made the change. Initially starting as self-taught, I’d complete mini design projects that I would find online and spent months watching YouTube videos on how to use Illustrator, and now looking back, it for sure paid off. So, apply yourself to everything you do, watch the videos, read the how-to books, go to exhibitions to be inspired, and participate in design projects when you can!

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