Integrating AI into our workflows

Simon Penn
Simon Penn
6th November 2023

AI has been within the tools we use within Article Ten for a long time, and until recently, we rarely took advantage of its creative aspect.

For years, Microsoft PowerPoint has offered a slide designer feature, and we have always ignored it as it’s nowhere near what a professional designer can do.

Recently though, AI capability has risen rapidly. It was historically seen as an untapped resource, or even more prevalently, a competitor to human-directed work, whereas we creatives now embrace AI as a powerful and useful tool.

Consequently, we have been investigating the use of ChatGPT and other AI services and are now integrating them into workstreams in increasingly effective ways.


So you can be sure you’re not paying for something you could do yourself, here’s what we use it to do:

  1. Generating ideas

We can ask ChatGPT to create several ideas on a topic, for example, “Give me some slogans to use for an event focussed on fitness” or “List five ways of engaging an employee.” What the service comes back with significantly speeds up idea generation and is particularly useful for our team in conquering mental blocks.

  1. Dummy content

When designing something, having some content to work with is beneficial. We’d have used Lorem Ipsum in the past and still do. But sometimes, we might ask ChatGPT to “Give me three small paragraphs of content about how to generate electricity.” The suggestions allow us to design and write copy concurrently to speed up design time and include more relevant content in our concepts. (We only use exclusively AI-generated content at the conceptual stage).

  1. A speedier alternative to a search engine

When trying to find confirmation of something we already have an inkling about, ChatGPT might help before we then validate it. For example, “What path should I follow to get to device settings on Android version 11?”


Our team have trained in using ChatGPT properly — ensuring we never share personal or company data with the AI service. In fact, we’ve integrated ChatGPT into our Slack environment with a custom-built Slackbot named ‘Arthur Brain’ (half a brain… get it?). This way, we can all keep close tabs on our AI usage, contribute and learn together, and ultimately help one another.

We’re also keen to see what Microsoft CoPilot and image generation AI, such as Adobe Firefly, offers before determining how we might integrate that into our workflow.

We understand that AI is a concern for many businesses and individuals, and should you want to discuss our AI usage with your company, we would be more than happy to help.


Please speak with your project manager, or get in touch here: https://articleten.com/contact/


This article was written by Simon Penn (a human of sorts) and edited by Jack Greenwell (also human).

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