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While Microsoft PowerPoint is our bread and butter, our designers can adapt their unique skillset across Google Slides and Apple Keynote programmes too. Meaning we can create your presentation – be it a pitch deck or a set of functional templates – working our magic no matter the platform. The functionality of Google and Apple platforms is different and slightly more restrictive than Microsoft, but we can confidently ensure that the final deliverable will be of the same high design standard as our PowerPoints.

Understanding your needs and problem-solving


A Google or Keynote project at Article Ten usually begins with an informative problem-solving session where we make you aware of anything to consider based on the desired functionality. We will also verify if fonts and other formatting requirements are compatible or come up with inventive solutions.

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Creative and fit for purpose


Once the technicalities are cracked, we get to work on the creative, designing sleek concepts and working together to put the design into a streamlined but fit for purpose deliverable. Upon completion, we will then discuss how you would like to get the file distributed within your teams, or transfer control.


The ultimate in-house specialists

Our specialised team have spent a lot of time learning and researching the differences between Google Slides and Keynote versus PowerPoint. With this broad knowledge, we have been able to develop reasoned workarounds when restrictions do pop up, ensuring that the final output works as you need it to but always looks the part.


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