PowerPoint deck design

Impactful slide design for the perfect presentation


We create thoughtful and highly memorable presentation slides that actually engage your audience and help you achieve your business objectives. We’ll use your brand and tone of voice guidelines to create stunning slideshows that bring your messaging to life. Our presentation specialists can transform your end of year report, sales toolkit, pitch, company presentation, proposal (the list is endless), into an exciting, highly adaptable masterpiece, whatever the topic.

How we get the most from your content


We typically begin by listening to your needs and what the overall story of your presentation is. We then work through the provided content, breaking it down into digestible parts and recreating them in the new look and feel chosen during the concept phase. We’ll enhance layouts to make them more visual and engaging while remaining relevant to your overall key story.

powerpoint design
powerpoint design powerpoint design
Slide after slide transformation


We can also transform existing diagrams or data, and insert visual elements such as illustrations, icons, photography or even moving video backgrounds to ensure your presentation remains engaging slide after slide. At every stage, we’ll ensure that all slides are in keeping with your company guidelines to result in a consistently designed, professionally finished product.

powerpoint design
powerpoint design

Highly experienced and dedicated presentation specialists

Our dedicated presentation experts have been designing slide layouts with careful consideration for over a decade. They have design skills across a breadth of other design software, enabling them to create original artwork that can be used to enhance your slides but always enabling an editable finished file. With unparalleled knowledge of how to push the boundaries and get the most from presentation software, they can produce work fit for a range of platforms and devices, drawing on years of specialist design insight to create the most visually engaging content, all within PowerPoint.


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