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powerpoint template powerpoint template

We build creative presentation templates of all types, sizes and designs to help you ensure consistency and style across your organisation. Dependent on your needs, we can build a personalised locked-down master theme that includes company logos, a pre-set colour palette, bespoke fonts, text hierarchy and consistent placeholders. We can also build out a diverse range of specific slide layouts, all tailored to your brand, such as charts, complex diagrams, infographics, editable maps and much more. We spend time ensuring that all of our templates are user-friendly, no matter your ability.

Our process: Planning, design, build


Ahead of building anything, our experienced in-house designers will take the time to plan and consider the overall structure of the master template in line with your requirements. We’ll consider your brand guidelines and create sleek and modern design concepts for the new look and feel. The chosen designs will be built into a diverse range of layouts with quick and intuitive usability; helping users to ensure consistency and quality when they build their presentations.

powerpoint template
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All the support you need


We add clear concise instructions within the slides, as well as more detailed supporting user guides to ensure that you understand your template inside out. Even after you have your finished product, we’ll be available to help with any questions and support you might need down the line.

powerpoint template
powerpoint template

Templates made by the best in the business

Our highly skilled and experienced presentation designers know all the ins and outs of Microsoft PowerPoint. So much so that we create PowerPoint templates for Microsoft themselves! Our unparalleled expertise enables us to innovatively design and build fully functional, bespoke templates for any platform. We can also fix templates or improve their usability by suggesting technical and design-based improvements. Often, we design boilerplates – commonly-used layouts – to give your template users a helping hand when creating their unique slides. We’re also proud to offer face-to-face training and the creation of template user guides, giving you tips and tricks on how to get the most from your template in a more personal way.


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