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drawing security intranet drawing security intranet

Your intranet is the go-to destination for your employees to read key messaging and learn security best practice, as well as a place to go to when they need urgent advice. It therefore needs to be easy-to-use, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. We can design your intranet portal to do all this and more, helping you form an appealing hub for all of your campaign messages, policies, best practices and reporting procedures.

Understanding and planning


Once we have a full understanding of your needs and your intranet’s capabilities, we begin by planning out the information architecture for your portal. It’s the ideal place to house all of the content you might have in different locations, so we advise on how this can be organised efficiently.

drawing security intranet
drawing security intranet drawing security intranet
User experience design and support


Once we know the layout of content, we can move on to the user interface and user experience design, ensuring we present your content in the most accessible and visually exciting way possible. We can then hand over the designs for your in-house intranet team to build, or if you would prefer, we can take care of that too.

drawing security intranet

Flexibly building upon your current set-up

We’ve worked on countless intranet projects, so can confidently work with any and all platforms. Whatever your set-up, we can maximise what you already have and help you create a hub that can flex as your team and content expands and evolves.


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