Using interactive storytelling to drive behavioural change

Article Ten
Article Ten
25th March 2019
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Mention online learning and you’ll usually get one of two reactions: complete apathy, or an animated display of despair. It’s these reactions that tell the story of an industry based upon tying clients into a bloated and unintuitive piece of software that ensures the experience is anything but memorable – which, for educational collateral, seems a fairly important thing to lack. Now, imagine a very different scenario. The promise of a digital experience where you are an active part of the narrative, solving real-time, real-world problems – think, an educational Bandersnatch. As the story unfolds, your knowledge naturally accumulates, as you gather information to support your actions as a main protagonist in the story…

Through interactive digital storytelling, we can create engaging user-centric experiences that both educate and entertain.


And that’s not just fun for fun’s sake. Ultimately, corporate eLearning is there to drive behavioural change through knowledge-sharing, and a scenario built around learning objectives brings a topic alive in such a way that fully engages the user, helping him or her to absorb and retain the new information that is being delivered. It also makes it possible for users’ understanding of the content to be assessed, through interactions and tasks carefully designed to match what they experience in their day-to-day roles. If you’re looking to change behaviours, then testing how an employee behaves in different situations will give you more accurate and useful data every time.

Here at Article Ten, we’re proud to be driving forward this new wave of eLearning. Our pre-built platform gives us the flexibility to utilise new learning techniques and technologies, allowing our creative teams to deliver an experience that you want to do, rather than should. In a world overflowing with information, it’s your (and therefore our) job to ensure that the story you are telling resonates as effectively as it can. With interactive digital storytelling, we are taking this to a whole new level.

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