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We create highly personalised Microsoft Word and Outlook File Templates (OFTs), allowing you to produce documents and emails faster than ever before. If you have multiple employees creating documents and emails of varying style and quality, our templates can help you keep things on-brand, safe in the knowledge that the design will be taken care of automatically.

Fully customised templates for your team


We’ll begin by listening to your requirements and making sure we fully understand the brief. From there, we can recommend a set of features and capabilities for your template, from wizards that prepopulate content to automatic formatting of big documents. There may also be specific features that you know your team use often so we’ll put those right at your fingertips.

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Build and beyond


Once we have the main features agreed, we can start building and designing your templates. And when they’re ready, we’ll help you deploy them, create instruction guides and train administrators where needed.

design mockups
design mockups

The perfect blend of creative and functional

Our mix of both creativity and technical skill enables us to produce Microsoft Word templates and OFTs that are on-brand, beautiful and highly functional. With our in-house technical experts working alongside our passionate creatives, we have the perfect blend of talent ready to bring your templates to life. The templates will speed up your production of bid documents, proposals, reports, letters, email updates, newsletters and just about any document you can create with Microsoft Word, or email and invite with Outlook.


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